Unraveling the Connection: A Q&A Journey on ISO 9001 in BIT’s Digital Transformation.

After speaking with HR, Finance and Services about Kanban method advantages for BIT, Paul was expecting to be called by Emma, the General Manager of BIT. The call arrived but he was surprised by the Outlook invitation content: I wish you explain to me how the current ISO 9001 system is helping (if any) BIT Digital Transformation”. You have one hour.

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Analysis of a major type of public tender for IT Infrastructure: the one winner, one catalogue.

BIT decided that  is strategic to develop a balanced scorecard for each tender that has a potential value equal or major of 10 million euro.
In this post, I introduce, as a typical  example,  the tender DIGIT/R3/PO/2016/020 Data Centre Compute Solutions (DCCS) – Lot 1.
Like all tenders issued by the European Institutions, you can find all details in the TED web site. Continue reading