Can Kanban practices be used to prevent burn out?

In the last three years, BIT had 4 cases of employee burn out. Three of them were young employees, holding an operative level; one was a middle manager around 40 years hold.
Paul, the quality coordinator of BIT, who has also the role of Health and Security (H&S) agent, believes it is time to insert the prevention of psychological risks (PSR)  in the QMS of the Company

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The importance to agree on principles in a change management process.

It is not the first time that the Quality coordinator of BIT needs to deep drive in the topic of change management. Last time (September 2018) was related to the migration of the QMS from ISO 9001 version 2008 to version 2015. In that occasion, the ITIL V3 offered a substantial help to arrive to write a practical (and accepted by BIT management) procedure; as well important, to agree on the change principles before discussing the procedure.

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The Statistical Process Control of the quality analysis of the tracking list.

In the post Quality check of the tracking list it was presented a quite straitforward way to manage the quality of this control list.  With the help of the statistical process control technique we can determine if the effort of the team have brought the process under control: a basic step to introduce then the continous improvement.
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