The Operational Process  Analysis of a public tender: the value of BPMN charts.

One of the most important milestones in implementing a won tender (and in general in implementing a new process) is the Operational Process Analysis.

The target of this analysis is to provide a visual representation of one (or more) process.
The most important reason to provide a visual representation of a process is to communicate to stakeholders,  in a simple way,  who is doing what.
BIT use BPMN to visual represent a process.

In building the BPMN chart, the BIT  process analyst use 3 different sources (Fig 1):
– The scenarios developed in the bid phase (Configuration Management Strategy);
– The tender documentation;
– The ISO 9001 QMS.

Fig 1 – BPMN Process in BIT

Tender Documentation.
When the tender specifies SLA (and related liquidate damages), it must specify also  the related requirements.
In the tender DCCS, these requirement are specified in the document  DCCS Lot 1
Annex 4 – Service Level Requirement .

The operational analysis of the order process.
Many types of BPMN charts are produces, depending of the needs of the stakeholders.
Fig 2 is the  BPMN chart of the ordering process. It was created mainly based on the content of  the tender documentation (page 21).  With this chart, the stakeholder is particularly interested to identify the documentation provided by the European Institution (EUI), when it is provided and when the SLA are imposed.

Fig 2 – The Ordering Process

The BIT process analyst loves to develop, in the same time, the related RASCI matrix in order to better specifies roles and responsibilities.

To know more:
The tracking list: a powerful tool to manage tenders with SLA.

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