Quality check of the tracking list.

The tracking list is  a powerful  monitor tool for processes in which SLA are important.
A regular quality analysis of the data collected is fundamental to assure the effectiveness of the tool.The  – whole – team must agree on which fields of the tracking list they have to focus their attention and the relative logic criteria.  Particular attention must be given to fields for which the content is manually filled by the agent.
For example, the service team agrees that the fields offer number, customer service agent and date of request offer must be checked in order to spot eventual missing data.
As BIT uses  a tracking list in an excel file, the check of empty field can be done in this way:

Select the cells for which you want to apply the quality check (ex. B2-B3 in column “c.s. agent”).

Press “Conditional Formatting” and select “New rule”.


Highlight “Use a formula to determine which cell to format”.
There are different formulas  that can be used to check if the field is empty. I like this one:


It is now time to introduce the format that the field will get if the formula is true (so, in this example, if the length of the field is zero).

In this example, the background will be filled  in yellow .
For other fields the format of a field can be conditioned to some value of other columns.
For example, the “start date technical analysis” should contain a date only if the related field of the column “tech. analysis” contain a “Y”.
A formula that can perform this conditional check is:

BIT decided to highlight in red the fields that contains information related to SLA (with letters in white).
In this example, the fields of the column “SLA offers” will get a red background with white font of the characters if the date of the offer has been done more than 3 working days after the SLA date.




Here the  quality analysis tracking list excel file that contains the examples reported above.

Let me remind again the importance of  full consensus of the team of the fields to analyze  and on the related quality criteria.   At the end, is up to each member of the team to control their own job  and this will not happen if each agent is not convinced of the importance (and utility) of performing  this action. If there is not consensus, it is better to leave out the specific quality check; the team leader will have to take his time to better present the importance of that specific quality check to his team.

To know more:
The Statistical Process control of the quality analysis of the tracking list.

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